Gearing up for Pepsi Refresh in November

 We are running again in November for a Pepsi Refresh Grant and we need your help!  We are looking for funds to bring the AUMI drum group to 2 schools, clinics or hospitals within the USA.  This will include training, AUMI software interface, computers, sound system and drums to the sites so they can have their own weekly/daily AUMI drum circle.  We need your help in voting and voting daily!!!  Please send Jackie an email for more information on how you can help (  Voting starts November 1 and goes the entire month!!

First AUMI session of the new school year

 This Wednesday Leaf and Jackie had their first AUMI session of the school year with the students, teachers, therapist and staff at Abilities First in Poughkeepsie, NY.  Everyone was so excited to be back drumming again.  You could see the excitement on everyone's face.  We had a lot of new students and staff join us and they played right along.  We started the session with the AUMI interface for those students who can not tolerate lots of activity.  Then we let loose with the drums and AUMI.  We had a few students who conducted the group telling them when to play and when to stop.  We had great listeners and they did a great job following directions... even the new students got the hang of things quickly... and you can't forget the most important "sticks up".  We had great soloist on the AUMI interface also.  It is always amazing to watch the children grow using the drums and AUMI.  New things happen every week and at the end of every week we think that was the best so far.  Tis the season to "Play the Drums!"

We need your help!

 We need your help voting on Pepsi Refresh for our project.  You can also text your vote by texting 108123 to Pepsi (73774).  Use the yellow pepsi bottle tops for Power Votes which can give our project up to 100 extra votes!!  You can vote using your facebook and email... each will give you a vote for our project... so if you have multiple emails sign up with them all and give multiple votes to our project!  Vote every day thru August 20th.  Tell all your friends!  if you have any questions feel free to email Jackie at
Thank you for your support!!

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Pepsi Refresh Grant

 We are in the running for a Pepsi Refresh grant and can use your help!!  Please vote... vote daily.  Tell your friends and your friends friends.  Don't forget the power votes from the Pepsi yellow capped bottles.  Thanks for all your help!!

Support Accessibility for Music Making by Children with Special Needs

Music and Medicine Article

 The AUMI Team wrote an article that is published in the Music and Medicine Journal.  This is our first group authored article and hope for many more to come.  

A Musical Improvisation Interface for People With Severe Physical Disabilities.  Music and Medicine, July 2011 vol.3

AUMI How-To Guide

 We now have available a basic AUMI How-To Guide.  This is a step by step guide to help you download and use AUMI.


June 15 we were part of EMS11 (Electronic Music Studies) in NYC.  We had 3 students from Abilities First come and join us in the Stretched Boundaries concert and they were amazing!  With these students we premiered the Play the Drum Band consisting of people of all abilities playing percussion and the AUMI software.  We all had a blast!  We also had a panel and roundtable discussion on accessibility.  It was a great experience and we are all very pleased. 

Training Opportunities

 The AUMI duo, Leaf Miller and Jaclyn Heyen, are available for Adaptive Use Musical Instruments Training for Organizations.

There are 3 different options to choose from.  We can also create a custom training for your group.

2 Hour Workshop 
For staff and/or parents
           Introduction to the Adaptive Use Musical Instruments (AUMI)
           AUMI Demo/Hands on Workshop

1 All Day Session 
For staff and/or parents
           Introduction to the Adaptive Use Musical Instruments (AUMI)
           AUMI Tutorial
           Introduction to the use of AUMI in individual and group settings
           Hands on Workshop with Students/Patients

3 Session Series
For staff and/or parents
           Session 1:
           Introduction to the Adaptive Use Musical Instruments (AUMI)
           AUMI Tutorial
           Introduction to the use of AUMI in individual and group settings
           Hands on Workshop

           Session 2:
           Training of staff and/or parents with students/patients in a hands on workshop

           Session 3: 
           Follow up on the use of AUMI
           Help with any issues/questions

Call 845-338-5984 or email for pricing and additional information.





US Artist Funded Training a Success

 We finished up the US Artist funded training in the Hudson Valley, NY with great success.  We trained over 60 teachers, therapists and staff how to use AUMI and had many happy, music making students try out AUMI.  We are very pleased and ready for our next adventure.  

Thank you to Abilities First Inc. and Center For Discovery for allowing us to come and make some great music. 

Thank you to all who supported our project on US Artist so we were able to educate others on the use of AUMI.

AUMI Open House a Success

 Sunday March 27, 2011 we held the first of three sites for the US Artist funded workshops.  The first site was an open house at the Deep Listening Space in Kingston, NY.  We invited therapist, teachers, parents and the community to join us in an informational session ending with a hands on workshop.  We also had a live stream of the workshop on the Deep Listening Institute Ustream channel.  You can view an archived version of this in the AUMI in Action section of the Adaptive Use website.

Deep Listening Institute, Ltd.
77 Cornell St, Suite 303      Kingston, NY  12401
800.497.4072 toll-free        845.338.5986 fax

Deep Listening Institute Programs are made possible by the New York State Council on the Arts with the support of Governor Andrew Cuomo and the New York State Legislature.