Women & Identity Virtual Residency
April 1, 2010 - June 30, 2010

As an Artist-in-Residence, each woman is given a home at our site
Each artist creates her own profile and updates her blog with images or other media.
The residency offers the opportunity for collaborative feedback and discussion creating a
virtual community.


Gabriela Amon

As a woman I feel deeply connected to Spirit and experience total joy when sharing heart/mind through sound and words. It's exhilarating digging into feeling and diving into a bridge connecting with people, places, elements, beings visible and invisible!

Gabriela Amon's Blog


Patricia Bulitt

As an interdisciplinary artist and dancer, I make dances, poems, costumes, and events. My work is steeped in nature and inspired by the chance to interact with Nature especially by making site specific performances. I am also a dance ethnologist and have made visual art exhibitions both of my own work as well as exhibitions honoring world dance through collaboration with photographers, and dancers. Documenting the Alaskan Eskimo dance for many years, I build an exhibition THEIR EYES HAVE SEEN THE OLD DANCES.

I feel the passion of life through the earth upon which I stand. The mystery of a dance and a gesture is pronounced as ephemerally as a bird scripts its flight across sky. My identity as a woman is to remember that beauty and mystery are in the flow of my life. When that energy and awareness are blocked, I take on the authority of war and disgrace embodied. I'm not sure what identity really means to me as I am now 60 years old and have only worked and practiced my art. Teaching children creative arts for many years, the essence of creative work as improvisation, as life, as presence is the gift to pass on momentary enthusiasm with discovery.

The essence of creative work to me is the passion and the engagement in a process of discovery. The resolution of the choreography within my improvisational dances are in the presence of an audience.

For 14 years, I made a site specific event for girls and women. Each told stories to each other of other women who influenced their lives. The threading of community found in ordinary life is art. The ordinary. That is art to me and then, the art of living is remembered, cherished, and celebrated.

Patricia Bulitt's Blog


Rebecca Dolinsky

I have been working since childhood. My work is varied. I studied drawing, painting and sculpture at The New York Studio in New York and literature and critical theory at Amherst College and then in France with Jacques Derrida. Sometimes my work is formal --paintings and drawings coming out of the New York School. Also the work comes out of theory --installations of handmade postcards such as the shows je possède LE LOUVRE and Delivering thé Mail:for Jacques Derrida are collaborative works where I asked viewers to respond to the postcards and write back. Recently I have written a little book of stories called Please Louise. I have made artists books with contemporary poets and a collection of books: The Circular Library. I have also been working with the Magnetic Laboratorium And the QQQOC. I am currently preparing a show for theniceinstitution in Paris entitled I Phone. The making of things is my work. Because life in thé studio can be so solitary I most enjoy seeing thé work of other artists.

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Heloise Gold

Heloise Gold lives in Austin Texas. She is a performing artist, choreographer, dancer , t’ai chi/chi gong instructor and co-founder of Art from the Streets (a project for homeless artists). She has been co-leading deep listening retreats with Pauline Oliveros and Ione since their inception in 1991.

Originally from NYC, she trained in ballet since the age of 4 and as a young teen performed with the Bolshoi and Kirov ballets during their early visits to the US. In her early 20’s her interests shifted to experimental forms. She studied and performed with Robert Wilson, Simone Forti and was a member of Quena Company (an experimental open theatre ensemble). Gold moved to Austin in 1978 and performed and toured with the Deborah Hay Dance Company for 5 years. In 1980 she started creating her own full length works. Her love of ritual, improvisation, collaboration, social issues, comedy and the absurd always play a big part in her pieces.

Heloise is the recipient of many grants from the City of Austin, the Texas Commission for the Arts and a new forms initiative from the NEA.

Heloise Gold's Blog


Leslie Greene

My work as a young woman totally shifted once I had become a mother and I feel a dramatic shift again as I am soon to have my child move out into the world and create her own 'home'. My first paintings were made in Los Lunas New Mexico and I had been influenced by Georgia O’Keefe. I then went to art school in NYC and went through a lot of research of my identity. I was artist assistant to two strong opinionated male painters and this was very challenging. When I moved to Paris my work found a new solitude and intimacy as I was inspired from interiors and the symbol of chairs and tubs, which were symbols for my receptive feminine self. Once my father died, and I completed a series of closed-eye portraits I have been working from my interior universe with abstract works that are spontaneous, improvised, full of responses to sensations and feelings, while playing with geometric and symbolic forms.

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Jaclyn Heyen

United States

Multi-media, electro-acoustic, folk music

As a woman artist I am empowered.  I use sounds, texts and images to express thoughts and feelings I otherwise could not express.  I am a woman who does not like to fit into a cookie cutout of every other woman.  As an artist I feel the same way.  I like to explore new territory to find who I am as a woman and as an artist.


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Susie Ibarra

Contemporary Music, Percussion, Indigenous Culture & Ecology, Film, Interdisciplinary Art and Theatre

I look to the continuous and profound wisdom of the women in my life, those that came before me and those such as my mother, elders, peers, world changers, conservationists, innovators, musicians, artists, scientists, and spiritual practitioners. I try to live a responsible life in my role as a citizen on this earth, wife, mother, friend, daughter, and create art and projects that feed our imagination, nurture our communities, engage in social questions, and resonate with the land and waters we live with.

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I am an author, playwright and poet with a background as a visual artist. As an educator and counselor I specialize in dreams and the creative process, conducting seminars and retreats throughout the world.

Since approximately 1999, I have become an improvising spoken word performer, specializing in experimental narrative forms. It was very exciting to begin to move from reading my writing or performing memorized texts to allowing words and sounds to move freely through me. These texts are inspired by the moment, a moment that includes music, other performers, the surrounding environment and the audience. Sometimes already written texts come through me and morph into new permutations, creating an entirely new version of the original.

I have begun to capture some of these words, putting them down on paper, creating a kind of recycling of remembered texts. My forthcoming book, Nile Night; Remembered Texts from the Deep
Represents a collection of some of these texts along with other writing.

As a writer, I have always been deeply interested in the personal as pathway to the universal. Dreams are our deepest source of creativity, our most intimate expression of who we are. For me, the creative spark is a reflection of the divine. Thus, I have always valued dreams, promoting dream community in others through workshops, retreats and International Dream Festivals and or course, drawing upon them in my own process of making art of all kinds.

Ione's website

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Rachel Koenig

Healing forms ~ acupuncture, herbs, homeopathy, sandplay, soul catching ~ fiction, poetry, song, cello.

I experience my female identity inside the Being Art of Healing, of Deep Listening, of opening to the Muses & to the Goddess, to Beauty, & to the Art of Be-ing in vast communion with nature/cosmos, inside the mystery of pilgrimage, of bird soul migration & transmigration, within the spiral cycle of birth/death/rebirth, inside the night sky and the Moment of extreme Presence/Surrender...in ritual, in solitude, in emptiness and in communal ecstatic soundprayer.

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Erika Kramer

cineMA naif... using still images linked together to create a short reflection of a
archetypical subject or cultural ritual. Naturally connected to the movement of 'slow-art'. A kind of storytelling or mirroring that provides the viewer connected space to imagine their own 'life-experience' as if each of us is a pearl and the story is a string. that brings us together... like a big circular hug.
Poetry. & Haiku / Image.
The ART of TOUCH (impossible in virtual reality) a massage voyage ... lnspiring the spirit to soar and travel inviting a dreamtime state.

The revelation of the 'feminine principle' ... conscious and delicious expression.
As connected circle & cycle .. light, healing, joy... the matrix and dynamic where
problem solving is a creative act from the heart. Seeing my life in time...connected
to the whole. Art is not a visit but the flowline... even the mess in my house is
an 'artists' expression. Chaos theory. Fractal metaphors of discovering and serving
The universe by aligning the elements of a moment to light-up a fresh encounter with
process and solution. Blessed be/e.

Erika Kramer's Blog