Anthology of Text Scores by Pauline Oliveros, Deep Listening Publications 2013

Pauline Oliveros’ Anthology of Text Scores contains over one hundred pieces that span four decades of creative work.  Collected in one comprehensive volume, these individual and group meditations, as well as solo and ensemble performance pieces are invaluable resources for performing musicians, music students, and anyone interested in the life work of one the most unique voices in modern music. Featuring an introduction by Brian Pertl.

Among the scores included are: 70 Chords for Terry, All Fours for the Drum Bum, Angels and Demons, Arctic Air, Body Tune Up, Buffalo Jam, Deep Listening Meditations - Egypt, Dissolving Your Earplugs, Earth Ears, The Earthworm Also Sings, Energy, Follow Yourself, Four for Forty, The Gender of Now: There but Not There, God Dog, Horse Sings From Cloud, Imaginary Meditations, Just Listening, Klickitat Ride, Lullaby for Daisy Pauline, Metacolors, The New Sound Meditation, Noise-Silence, One Sound Once, Pebble Music, Piano Piano, Quintessential, Rhythms, Rock Piece, Saxual Orientation, Sex Change, Sound Fishes, String-Utopia, Thirteen Changes, Two for T, Urban and Country Meditations, Welcoming the Light, Wheel of Life, and Word Sound.

SPECIAL INVITE: Deep Listening Institute and Deep Listening Publications extends an open invitation to musicians, non-musicians and deep listeners to share their past, present or future performances of Pauline Oliveros’ text scores, in particular, ones from the new anthology. To share your performance url or for any questions, contact Catalog Manager Al Margolis or Lisa Barnard Kelly.

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PDF Downloads of Pauline Oliveros Scores
All Fours
Breaking Boundaries
Dissolving Your Ear Plugs
Ear Rings
Earth Ears
Inner-Outer Sound Matrix
The Witness
Wind Horse


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