Art Law Conversations

Elizabeth Russell

Like most serious businesspeople, visual artists equate learning the law with hanging from their thumbs above enormous vats of boiling oil.

Art Law Conversations provides a soothing alternative.

This "surprisingly readable guide" engages the reader with 32 different conversations about the legal topics visual artists face in their professional careers. Each conversation is packed with legal information and internet inks for further study; yet each is accessible, easy to read and, some would say, funny.

Fully indexed, Art Law Conversations is an ideal resource for professional artists and a must for art school libraries.

Attorney Elizabeth T. Russell, author of Art Law Conversations, maintains a solo law practice with offices in Madison, Wisconsin and the state of New York, dedicated to nonprofit, arts and entertainment law ( She received the world's only known bassoon scholarship to law school and served as the Art Law columnist for Art Calendar® magazine ( Attorney Russell shares a birthday with comedian Steve Martin and aspires, in this or a future life, to be as funny as he.


Price: $16.95