Community We conceive of music making in an innovative and inclusive way. The Adaptive Use Musical instrument promotes accessibility of musical expression for all people, regardless of level of physical ability. 

AUMI is a new musical instrument. Free, easy to use, effective, creative, multi-functional and fun, AUMI is a valuable tool in building new inclusive musical communities and collaborations while challenging societal barriers of ability/disability and assumptions of who can be a “musician.“

An AUMI training program has been designed for students, therapists, teachers, artists, parents and caregivers to introduce and expand the use of AUMI in a variety of community settings. Workshops have been presented at universities, schools, rehabilitation centers and conferences both nationally and internationally. Teaching sessions focus on an in-depth demonstration of the AUMI software and iPad app with opportunities for hands-on experience with AUMI. Participants learn therapeutic outcomes, musical and community implications, and key points to successfully initiate a creative arts program featuring the AUMI software and drums/ percussion as well as other instruments with mixed abilities as a community model.

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