The first performance involving AUMI was done for the Board of Trustees of Abilities First in 2010. The board was so impressed that they requested that a community concert be given at Abilities First School for parents, and trustees of AFI and DLI. This concert involved most all of the 50 students at AFI as well as the therapists and aides. Led by Leaf Miller her drumming students with physical abilities drummed and students who had little if any motor control of their limbs played AUMI.

According to researcher Sherrie Tucker
“the drumming is happening now in a big, big way. Three children are at the (AUMI) laptops before I know it. My notes are scattered. It is loud. It is joyful. There are probably thirty participants in the drum-laptop circle at a time, but people are coming and going, so there are more altogether, fifty perhaps. Leaf is at the center in her orange striped shirt leading the rhythm with calls of 'Play the drum! Play the drum! Play the drum!' Others take up the call and we have a beat, we have loudness, we have laptops.”

Our first peer reviewed paper:
Music Improvisation Software: An Interface for Children and Adults with Severe Impairments
Pauline Oliveros
Zevin Polzin – Deep Listening Institute, Ltd.
Leaf Miller – Abilities First, Inc. Poughkeepsie, NY
Sergio Hazard – Teleton, Santiago Chile
Gillian Siddall – Lakehead University, ICASP, Thunder Bay ON.
Presented during the conference Music Technology: Solutions to ChallengesThe Interface between Music, Technology, Engineering and Neuroscience, at the Royal Hospital for Neuropalliative Care in Putney, London UK 2010

AUMI in exhibition in Korea July/August 2010
ThisAbility - 2010 Busan, KoIAN, Seoul Korea
Adaptive Use Musical Instruments – Exhibition with Software demonstration

Stretched Boundary concerts at RPI featuring artists with disabilities in mixed abilities ensembles.

Electronic Music Studies International Conference Presentation
Play the Drum Band with three students and two instructors from Abilities First played with AUMI and drums. EMS11 at the Cell Theater, New York

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