The Adaptive Use Musical Instrument has been used since 2007 at Abilities First, a school for students with disabilities in Poughkeepsie, NY. In a large weekly drum class, all students are welcome and have access to independent musical expression. AUMI transforms laptop computers into a user-friendly and expressive musical instrument. The use of the AUMI software interface with drumming provides a musical context and combination that is both effective and engaging for the students. World drumming traditions and styles readily lend themselves to playing music in community and collaboration. The drum circle is a community-based art form that encourages the participation of all as well as other instruments.  

Improvisation is an integral part of the use of AUMI. It is through improvisational exploration of a wide range of sounds that all the students can express themselves in new ways while developing a strong sense of community through listening, collaborating, and playing music together. In addition to the students’ participation in the drum class, the support and involvement of the school staff, therapists, and administrators have transformed this music class into a musical community that fosters inclusion and empowerment.

in-servicing of school staff is ongoing. Feedback from the students and staff at AFI continues to contribute to the development and ongoing improvement of the AUMI software interface.

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