In from Bill T Jones

Headed out at the last minute to see Bill T. Jones- over at Bard.  A clear , day of burgeoning green- where my heart is flying to France/ Spain/ California/ Hudson Valley Life tour that I seem to be doing.

Do not ask me where I am going as I trek this limitless world every step I take is my home. -- Dogen


Such dancing! we were so glad we pried ourselves away from the ongoing administrative need.

This piece was so strong-  sculptural flowing dance-a score of   that will be performed in Venice in June.  Water sounds moved throughout , soft bells intoning for a long slow beginning.  

Very inspired- they created this perfectly full length piece over the past 3 weeks.   Bill used a few parts of other pieces, created a work that both hones and expands his Lincoln theme-   Dancers also were a strong, booming chorus during one part. Words used sparingly- war and the tension between bodies, humanity's need for community but individuality- love and separation.

Some of the text:

Get into the Car!



The best, the most important- Bill with his fierce intelligence and high sensibility-engaged the audience and returned their questions in several cases to them to explain, discuss, deepen their though processes-   Yet, being open and revelatory at the same time- told us:  I am in love!


I told him, yes, this was the best- and this is what he was able to give us- the fulfilment of his own heart at this time.