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Returning home from The Stone Performance with Pauline. Suzie Ibarra and PO a beautiful set that carried me off to other dimensions. wild and fun and sometimes very "suave"- as Suzie made soft swooshing sounds over the drums. Still floating in the parameters of the spoken word and sonics which accessed the Coast of Dreams- Gala and Dali ( though I doubt anyone got that) and the essence of the Nubian Sea- among other places and things. Oh yes, we ended on kisses and "be-ing" in BocaMadura- my wonderful old friend Angel's imaginary country.

Great being with Monique and Connie- who both bought the new Njinga DVD. Njinga is celebrating!

Pauline- is in ecstasy with her fab digital button accordion that swells into the "Deep" heights of the low registers of some forgotten era. She started doing that when she played it in Berlin- astonishing herself and others.

Today is the birthday of American poet Adrienne Rich, (books by this author) born in Baltimore, Maryland, in 1929. She's written more than 20 collections, including The Diamond Cutters and Other Poems (1955) and Diving into the Wreck (1973), and is known for her feminism and her politically charged poetry. She said: "For more than 50 years I have been writing, tearing up, revising poems, studying poets from every culture and century available to me. I have been a poet of the oppositional imagination, meaning that I don't think my only argument is with myself. My work is for people who want to imagine and claim wider horizons and carry on about them into the night, rather than rehearse the landlocked details of personal quandaries or the price for which the house next door just sold."

She said, "Poetry is an art of translation, a connective strand between unlike individuals, times, and cultures."


'a connective strand between

On May 16th, 2010 Anne Bourne says:

'a connective strand between unlike individuals, times, and cultures.' I love this quote, poetry has always felt this way to me, both writing it to the unknown listener, and reading it, receiving the translation of a souls experience across time.

Thank you