Developed by composer - Pauline Oliveros in association with Heloise Gold - Tai Chi and Creative Movement and Ione - Author and Dream Facilitator

Mentors for certificate candidates are drawn from Deep Listening Certificate Holders

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To Develop the ability to guide others and to facilitate creativity in yourself and others through listening.

It is important to note:
Certification is not guaranteed by registering and attending the sessions and fulfilling the requirements. You must attain and demonstrate a level of listening mindfulness determined by the mentors and program developers; demonstrate your understanding of Deep Listening in the content of your reports and in your presence and ability to compose and lead Deep Listening exercises including movement and dreaming.

Summary of Deep Listening Certificate Requirements

Updated November 3, 2014

Listening                  Moving                   Dreaming


Deep Listening Certificate requirement activities are intended to take place during a three to five year period with acceleration to one year possible with approval of the instructors and the program developers. Click links above for descriptions of each requirement.

Online Certificate Program for Arts Professionals is a one-year program. Candidates must be able to participate using online technology.



  • Start a Deep Listening Study Group.
  • Attend one hour a month sessions online with a mentor throughout the year selected from the list of Deep Listening Certificate Holders. 
  • Keep a Listening Journal (includes Moving & Dreaming) (Click on Listening, Moving or Dreaming above for each list of requirements.
  • Participate in the Deep Listening Dreamers’ Blog, an invitational online dreaming community facilitated by Ione,The Dream Sack, and other dream related activities with Ione.
  • Practice a body discipline and attend Tai Chi intensives and other movement related activities with Heloise Gold when possible.
  • Submission of Quarterly reports - quarterly reports are accounts of your progress within the Study Group activities that you are leading and as a summary of your LISTENING JOURNAL activities.
  • A presentation including reference to listening, dreaming and moving through your own composition of exercises or pieces is expected as a culminating activity.  Date, time and location to be arranged.
  • Maintenance of your online certificate candidate profile on
  • Support for Deep Listening Group Dynamics Process is offered by Ione on a Quarterly Basis or by request.

 Download PDF Version of Requirements Here


Deep Listening Certificate Holders are entitled to teach classes and workshops using the Deep Listening Insitute logo and name.  The logo image is available from DL.

Deep Listening Institute requests the following:

  1. Please give appropriate credits to center for Deep Listening at Rensselaer when the logo is used.  
  2. Please let CDLR know when you are giving a workshop so we can post it on our web site and calendar.
  3. We would love to know how your workshop went!
  4. Because CDLR has administrative costs to maintain our logo there is a logo fee. Please plan to donate a small percentage of workshop income (2% of net) to CDLR.

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