coiling rubber snakes

I wanted to share the new process that I have discovered recently...
well, it is the same gesture of wrapping really, like with the yarn on
the sculpture in the picture on my 'site', but this new evolution is
much more direct....more suits the energy of summer.
I wanted to create pieces that could go outside, but was stumped as
to what I could wrap my form with that would be o.k. outside through
a Canadian winter. I felt quite blocked really, which was o.k. because
I am used to having things gestating. The energy to create was rising
though and needed to be expressed. Then, two nights ago, I felt the
light go off that something would now be revealed to me. So, I took a
leisurely walk into the airplane hangar where all of our stuff, junk and
raw materials are and saw them- three rubber garden hoses! I was
so excited when I knew then how this would work. It felt so right.
Last night I wrestled with them and wrapped....when I ran out of hose,
I stole two more from our garden. The water spurted out onto the floor.
When I wanted to add another hose I just screwed the male and female
ends together...which I thought was interesting in itself. It was so easy
really and it looks so beautiful in the varying shades of green...snakes
coiling around a mysterious shape...fleshy...with a beautiful patina of
earth from their use as hoses in garden...a friend's beloved
garden. It is a wonderful process because it can move quickly and moves
my body as I twine and coil these things around and around...
I will share pictures soon, when the piece is complete or near to it...