Conference of the Birds

Zoe B. Zak

Zoe B. Zak: vocals, piano & accordion
Steve Gorn: bansuri flutes
Dean Sharp: drums, loops & turntable
Kamran Zadeh: spoken word
Produced by Dean Sharp & Zoe B. Zak
"The vision of the epic poem, Conference of the Birds, has inspired people since the 12th century CE when Farud Attar Un-Din Attar penned his lyrical Sufi poem. The very subject matter of Conference of the Birds calls for music. Zoe's deep and personal connection with the music and culture of the Middle East drew me to ask her to compose new music for our production. Her work is personal, inspired and one of a kind. With the score, Zoe, Steve and Dean have created a world rich in color and rhythm. It is the breath and sky into which our production of Conference of the Birds has flown on its journey to wholeness." Emma Missouri Director/Executive Producer


Price: $16.00