Deep Listening Anthology Volume One

Various Artists

Deep Listening Anthology is a collection of scores from the community of Deep Listeners. Edited by Marc Jensen and with an introduction by Tom Bickley this collection presents 38 works by 25 musicians.The composers who have contributed scores are Betsey Biggs, Tom Bickley, Anne Bourne, Monique Buzzarté, Raylene Campbell, Joe Catalano, Thomas Ciufo, Viv Corringham, James Coury, Stuart Dempster, Joel Ford, Marc Jensen, Alison Johns, Stephanie Loveless, Norman Lowrey, Linda Montano, Shannon Morrow, Trudy Morse, Michelle Nagai, Vonn New, Doug Van Nort, Susanne Olbrich, Margaret Schedel, Margrit Schenker, and Christine Zehnder-Probst


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