Deep Listening Anthology Volume Two

Deep Listening Anthology Volume Two


The Deep Listening Anthologies are collections of work by musicians and artists from around the world who have embraced the ideas of Deep
Listening in their own ways. Inspired by DL's tenets of listening, openness and play, these volumes contain a wonderful variety of interpretations and integrations of global ideas into individual practices.

This volume is the second Deep Listening Anthology, containing mostly instructional scores by composers, along with scores in traditional
notation, poetry, visual art, and other writings. Over 45 contributors are represented in this collection for 2010. This book can be enjoyed as a resource for performers and ensembles interested in experimental music, as a statement of community among followers of DL practice and admirers of Pauline Oliveros, and as material for musicians thinking about possibilities.

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Contributing Composers include Ximena Alarcon, Jacki Apple, Nancy Beckman, Gelsey Bell, Anne Bourne, Patricia Bullitt, Micahel Bullock, Jonathan Chen, Viv Corringham, Alan Courtis, Sharon Sheslow, Stuart Dempster, Steven Dunning, Steven Eiler, Adam Fong, Dexter Ford, Joel Ford, Gigi Gamble, Ron Herrema, Matthew Hettich, Holland Hopson, Brenda Hutchinson, Marc Jensen, Ryan Keebaugh, Guy Klucevsek, Elaine Lillios, Anthony Martin, Roozbeh Nafisi, Ron Nagorcka, Adam Overton, Paul Pinto, Laurie Polster, William Roper, Andrea La Rose, Edward Schocker, Brian Schorn, Francis Schwartz, Sepand Shahab, Una Ni She, Dorothy Sinclair, Anna Stein, Sharon Stewart, Katharina Von Ruette, Sarah Weaver, Glenn Weyant and Jennifer Wilsey.

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