Demeter & Persephone

Today while working on a presentation on the Triple Goddess for a conference on homeopathy I find these beautiful words by Demetra George:

"In the archaic form of Demeter as a triple goddess, her full moon mother aspect was known by the name of Ploutos. In the pre-Hellenic version of her myth, Persephone voluntarily went into the Underworld for part of each year to tend to the dead. The story of her rape and abduction was a later adjunct to the myth first recorded by Homer in the 8th Century B.C. which spoke to the patriarchal takeover by the God Pluto of the Great Mother's rulership over death and rebirth."

I am musing on what the shape of story, of myth is like without the rape. I am finding ways that I have shown Persephone underground, tending the dead, inside my novel, and I am so fulfilled that intuitively I found a way to show a relation to death and rebirth that seems older than Patriarchy. I know that I will weave in an image of Hekate, an altar for her at the place in Prague, the garden from which my Lilli goes into her Descent.



Wonderful Rachel - Thank You


Wonderful, Rachel- Thank you also for this reminder that we must not be fooled by the later Patriarchal renderings of earlier stories, though it is fascinating to see how these newer versions reinforce unfortunate power over models that many women have such difficulty releasing.

Like dreams, myths - the Dreams of entire populaces- can have multiple layers of meaning- through time/space.

The connection of the primal mother /death/rebirth is crucial to our deepest sense of self.

As you have relayed this in your novel, we feel it intensely!! Thank you so much for your soul filled explorations!