Deep Listening Band


8 October 1988

     Recording Sessions for Deep Listening CD. Stuart Dempster, Pauline Oliveros, Panaiotis, cistern at Fort Worden, Port Townsend WA; Sound Engineer:  Al Swanson, Location Recording.

December 1988

     Listening/editing of Deep Listening CD material. Stuart Dempster and Al Swanson (Location Recording).

Winter 1989

     The name Deep Listening Band (DLB) is coined.

Spring 1989

     Release of Deep Listening CD on New Albion Records (NA 022).

4 June 1989                   

     Stuart Dempster with DLB, guest Julie Lyon: First DLB concert, Tarpaper Cave, Williams Lake Hotel, Rosendale NY.

6-8 June 1989

     Recording Sessions for Troglodyte's Delight CD. DLB with guests Fritz Hauser and Julie Lyon. Sound Engineers:  Bob Bielecki; Connie Kieltyka. Location as above (4 June 89).

11 June 1989

     Fritz Hauser with DLB and Julie Lyon at RCAT, Kingston NY.

22-23 August 1989         

     Mixdown and editing of Troglodyte's Delight CD material in Kingston NY. Stuart Dempster and Connie Kieltyka, with Pauline Oliveros.

31 August 1989 

     John Cage, inspired by Deep Listening CD, states:  "Through Pauline Oliveros and Deep Listening I now know what harmony is. It's about the pleasure of making music." --Sound Design Conference, Sky Walker Ranch, Lucas Films.

24 October 1989 

     John Cage composes The Ready Made Boomerang, a mesostic inspired by Deep Listening CD.

4 November 1989           

     DLB, guest Julie Lyon:  New Music Newark, Essex County College (New Jersey). David Gamper joins as performance assistant, technical coordinator, documentation recording engineer, and acting road manager. First use of Expanded Instrument System (EIS) by DLB (although used extensively before by Oliveros, Panaiotis, and others). EIS becomes major integral component of DLB concerts (detailed information about EIS is available from Deep Listening Institute, Ltd., formerly Pauline Oliveros Foundation – see

27-28 February 1990       

     Recording session in the cistern for The Ready Made Boomerang CD. DLB with guests Thomasa Eckert and William O. Smith (David Gamper, technical assist.), Port Townsend WA. Sound Engineers:  Gordon Hempton (SoundTracker); Al Swanson (Location Recording).

2-3 March 1990  

     DLB, guest Thomasa Eckert (David Gamper assists as on 4 November 89):  a Soundwork Northwest concert at Pilgrim Center for the Arts, Seattle.

23, 24 March 1990         

     DLB performs Deep Listening Express for Sharir Dance Company concerts in Austin TX (David Gamper assists as on 4 November 89).

23 May 1990                 

     Excerpt of Ione (Deep Listening CD) used for General Hospital on ABC network TV episode.

October 1990                 

     Deep Listening® servicemarked by Deep Listening Institute, Ltd. (DLI) formerly Pauline Oliveros Foundation (POF).

13 October 1990 

     DLB with guest George Marsh at Life On the Water, Fort Mason, San Francisco. A New Music Theater concert (David Gamper now full member and documentation recording engineer).

Autumn 1990                

     Release of Troglodyte's Delight CD on ¿What Next? (WN 00003). (Re-released on O. O. Discs in 1998 and assigned to Deep Listening in 2004).

20 April 1991

     DLB (now includes David Gamper) at Salle de la Rotonde, Le Botanique, presenter is Musica Libera, Brussels.

23 April 1991

     DLB, Det Åpne Teater, presenter is Ny Musikk, Oslo. Sonya Ward is approached to be Band Manager.

26 April 1991                

     DLB, Musikradion, Stockholm. Presenter is Nutida Musikserien. Excellent documentation recording.

September 1991

     It is Deep Listening Band, without a The.

8 December 1991

     DLB with guests Fritz Hauser and Linda Montano. Alternative Museum, New York City. First time with 6 performers (although Montano was ably assisted by Annie Sprinkle and Veronica Vera). Featuring first two DLB commissions:  Hauser's Deep Time; Montano's Seven Chakras. First effort for DLB manager Sonya Ward with excellent results.

13 December 1991

     DLB, guest Ione, Festival of Visual Music, Jameos del Agua, Lanzarote, Canary Islands. Major support provided by manager Sonya Ward.

Winter 1992                     

     Release of The Ready Made Boomerang CD on New Albion Records (NA 044).

25 January 1992 

     Dempster presents The Ready Made Boomerang CD to John Cage signed by all the performers and recording engineers, at special festival concert at Seattle’s Cornish College for the Arts (Seattle) honoring Cage and Lou Harrison.

14 April 1992

     DLB at Harold Washington Library Center in Chicago. Not our best concert effort due to the tunnel flood (see below). Third DLB commission: Panaiotis' Metempsychosis.

15-17 April 1992

     DLB personnel at electronic music class at Art Institute of Chicago and at Peter Gena's class at Northwestern University (DLB arrived on 12th just as Chicago evacuated downtown due to river flooding underground tunnels).

11 August 1992 

     John Cage dies today. His support and enthusiasm for DLB is especially gratifying. He was a particular inspiration to Dempster and Oliveros over the nearly 30 years of contact with him. Peace.

5 October 1992

     A DLB related event (Dempster and Oliveros only) at The Western Front in Vancouver BC with Ione on Tibetan bell and Randy Raine-Reusch on Sho, Guzheng, Khaen, Ichigenkin, Dan Bau, and so on. A “New Music Across America” concert it was dedicated to the memory of John Cage. Works performed: Oliveros’ The Earthworm Also Sings, Zero∞ by Raine-Reusch, Dempster’s Just a Thought, and Meditation by Ione. “The pieces will be performed continually and/or simultaneously.” 

2 December 1992

     DLB concert, Tokyo, Panasonic Hall (P/N), a marvelous special event structure with over 700 loudspeakers built into the walls and ceiling.

3 December 1992

     DLB and guests:  five hour marathon concert, Tokyo P/N. Included were several instrumentalists, dancers, video artists--a model to consider for future events. Participants: Setsuko Yamada, butoh; Kei Takei, movement; Ko Ishikawa, sho; Makido Sakurai, "shomyo" voice; Kazue Sawai, so (koto); Momaru Fujieda, computer and transducers; Yoshiaki Ochi, percussion; Yuko Katsumata, Mieko Shiomi, piano; Sinobu Takeuchi, videoist; Masahiro Hamashima, assistant videoist.

4 December 1992

     DLB at American Center, Tokyo. Preceded by a Pauline Oliveros lecture simultaneously with The Ready Made Boomerang CD and Yuko Katsumata's video of Rose Mountain, NM Deep Listening Retreat all at the same time.  

23 April 1993

     DLB at Cowell Theater (Fort Mason), San Francisco, "Wet Ink" festival, San Francisco Symphony.

24 April 1993                

     DLB related event (no Dempster) with NEM (Le Nouval Ensemble Moderne from Montreal) performing Oliveros' Inside/Outside/Apace/Is, "Wet Ink" new music festival, San Francisco Symphony.

30 May 1993

     DLB first "virtual" concert, Alternative Festival, Moscow. Dmitry Ukhov, Festival anchor, in 23 June Moscow News reviews final concert where festival director Anton Batagov leads Valentina Goncharova, Vladimir Martynov, Trio O, and Arkady Shilkloper in an improvisation with Troglodyte's Delight CD (see 6-8 June 89).

8 June 1993

     Panaiotis resigns from DLB citing artistic differences.

22-26 June 1993 

     DLB rehearsal/development/recording residency (no Panaiotis) in Kingston NY--mostly in Gamper's basement studio but also Trinity United Methodist Church. Field trip (literally!) to ceramic silo on Stover farm in Kerhonkson (NY). Guests included Julie Lyon, Nego Gato, and others. Also sound engineers Connie Kieltyka and Bob Bielecki.

9-16 January 1994

     DLB residency in Kingston:  much as above in Gamper's basement studio, this time with acoustic piano. Also first time using new EIS (Expanded Instrument System) pedal controls and computer readouts designed by Gamper.

15 January 1994

     DLB with guests Julie Lyon, Margrit Schenker at Trinity United Methodist Church (TUMC), Kingston NY. A children's concert whereby you should "bring your most famous mouth noise."  Sound engineer, Bob Bielecki.

15 January 1994

     DLB at TUMC (see above), Deep Listening Big Band (DLBB)? including 10 guests:  Julie Lyon, Margrit Schenker, Nego Gato, Thomas Buckner, Joe McPhee, Jason Finkelman, Carol Chappell, and Women Who Drum:  Leaf Miller, Lorraine Demarest, Judith Muldoon (also sound engineer Bob Bielecki)--"Non Stop Flight" benefit concert (modeled after the Tokyo Marathon 3 December 92) for TUMC and Pauline Oliveros Foundation (POF).

17-23 January 1994         

     DLB first residency in Austin TX to develop DLB commissions to Oliveros, and Ellen Fullman with her (85 foot) Long String Instrument (LSI), LSI performed either solo by Fullman or assisted by Kip Garth and Nigel Jacobs. Gamper plays those strings a lot!

21-28 February 1994       

     DLB second residency in Austin TX (see above). On 23rd "A Long String Deep Listening Sound Massage" workshop is held by Fullman, Oliveros, and Dempster. Upwards of 40 people turn out. The residency culminates in a "works in progress" studio performance on the 27th consisting of Fullman's TexasTravelTexture and Oliveros' Epigraphs in the Time of AIDS. Dempster's JDBBBDJ (John Diamond's Big Beautiful Brass Didjeridu) rounds out the event.

June-August 1994

     Extensive listening to editings by David Gamper of material recorded for various CD possibilities. Tosca Salad CD project (sampler) becomes known as the TUMC Project. True Tosca Salad CD will now be sampler drawn from wide variety of material. Looking ahead to Deep Time CD (see below); future DLB commission from Baikida Carroll.

28 October 1994

     DLB with Fritz Hauser, percussion; Urs Leimgruber, saxophones at TUMC including Hauser's Deep Time (1991 DLB commission) and separate performances from DLB and from Hauser/Leimgruber. Accompanying recording sessions for Deep Time CD. Earlier recording sessions of Deep Time on 26 October, before Dempster arrived, turned out to be the ones used for the CD release (see 2005).

5-12 November 1994       

     DLB third residency in Austin TX (see above--January and February 94). Elise Gould in place of Kip Garth; Lighting Designer, Eleanor Savage; on 8th video/TV pilot project by Lucy Anderson/Video Events; on 9th a benefit concert by DLB/LSI for vocalist Tina Marsh; 10th thru 12th, four healing, energizing, sold out performances.

8-15 January 1995

     DLB in residence at The Kitchen in New York City. 10th:  Deep Listening Sound Massage Parlor; 11th, Expanded Instrument System demo.

11-14 January 1995

     Four concerts:  13th with guest Ben Neill. Alex Katz, lighting designer; John Plenge sound engineer; Bob Bielecki, sound design and recording. Premieres of The Saucer's Apprentice, and Gamper's Deep Hockets (a DLB commission).

15 January 1995

     DLB in the Electronic Café joined by groups in Toronto and Paris. John Hobbs completed the hook-up with Toronto using PictureTel over ISDN lines, the group assembled by Lauren Pratt with James Tenney; Graham Smith, technologist. Musicians: Anne Bourne, 'cello; John Svoboda, flute; John Oswald, saxophone; Robert Stevenson, clarinet; John Gzowski, 31 tone Cat's Cradle. Then to Chatelet Victoria in Paris thanks to Eleanor. Musicians:  Jaan Lenesteur, bass clarinet and band leader of Dictature du Vent; Bruno LaBris, contrabass; Alexandre Simoni, saxophone; Bruno Gautheron, trumpet; Richard LeBihan, guitar and whistle; Trace Devai, voice; Derek Vays, voice.

27 May 1995

     DLB at TUMC with guests Joe McPhee, reeds and pocket trumpet; and Joe Giardullo, reeds, celebrating ten years of POF. Included were Rev. Arlene Dauber leading Joe Catalano's Listen Deeply Beauty Surrounds You, McPhee's and Giardullo's Dream of a Common Language, Giardullo's Autumn Rhythms from Gravity Music, the premiere of DLB's From Now On, and a grand finale quintet of Ten Ears Celebration.

19 August 1995

     DLB at TUMC with guests Diedre Murray, cello; and Jason Hwang, violin. Program included Listening Time, Murray's 5 Minute Tango, and the finale Celebration Jam.

August 1995      

     Release of Sanctuary CD (formerly known as TUMC Project) on Mode (46).

30 September 95

     DLB related event (no Dempster) - Transcultural Music Concert, Broadway Theatre at the Ulster Performing Arts Center in Kingston NY. Oliveros and Gamper joined by Ned Rothenberg, winds; Samir Chatterjee, voice; and Sanghamitra Chatterjee, tabla, for a series of solo performances, followed by group improvisation Starfish. A recording is to be released in 1998 or 99 on Mode Records.

November 1995

     Release of Tosca Salad CD on POF's new label, Deep Listening (DL 3 1995).

January 1996

     Ellen Fullman visits Kingston to join David Gamper and Pauline Oliveros to edit Suspended Music from the November 94 concerts for a future release on Herb Levy's new Periplum label.

14 March 1996

     Brief telematic DLB performance using PictureTel over ISDN lines held to benefit The Kitchen, with Oliveros and Gamper at The Kitchen in New York City and Dempster at the Speakeasy Café in Seattle. Once again masterminded by John Hobbs, with Chad Kirby in Seattle.

4 April 1996

     Through the Distance:  Musical Connections teleconference, again using PictureTel over ISDN lines at the New School in New York City. Hosted by Bernadette Speach, with John Hobbs in New York City, Oliveros at Northwestern University in Evanston IL, and Dempster at the Speakeasy Café in Seattle.

6 April 1996

     Telematic DLB concert held using PictureTel video and audio over ISDN lines. Gamper at The Kitchen, New York City (tech by John Hobbs); Oliveros at Vogelback Computing Center, Northwestern University, Evanston IL (tech by Jon Fischer and Michele Gillman); and Dempster at Speakeasy Café, Seattle (tech by Chad Kirby and Doug Brick). Performed The Saucer's Apprentice.

25 May 1996

     DLB at Trinity United Methodist Church (TUMC) in Kingston NY, with guests Thomas Buckner, voice; and Joe Giardullo, reeds. Premiere of both Buckner's Declaration of Independence and Giardullo's Elemental Ode, both DLB commissions. Also performed was DLB's From Now On which was dedicated to yoga instructors Debra and Jonji Provenzano. From Now On has become DLB's first set piece.

30 May 1996

     DLB at Merkin Concert Hall, NYC, program as in 25 May above. Gamper's mother swoons during From Now On, which was dedicated to the memory of composer Jacob Druckman. Amazing series of SNAFU's in the following days resulted in lost recording.

4-16 September 1996

     DLB in residence at Mills College, Oakland CA, with Bob Bielecki locked in a classroom developing an interface for EIS control of antique Lexicon PCM 42's. Many demonstrations of and introductions to the EIS for area musicians and students. First exploitation of intern Greg Altman to sleep with the EIS setup before the concert.

16 September 1996

     Non Stop Flight concert at Mills College - a 4 hour 33 minute trope on Cage's 4' 33" performed with guests The Abel-Steinberg-Winant Trio, The HUB, Zero the Clown (Ramón Sender), Maggi Payne, Thomas Buckner, and many others. Excerpts from this performance (including a recreation of David Tudor's premiere performance of Cage's 4' 33") edited by Maggi Payne for release in 1998 on Music & Arts.

8-13 October 1996

      DLB residency at Williams College, Williamstown MA. 9th:  class demo, and Deep Listening Sound Massage.

11 October 1996

     DLB joined by William O. Smith to premier Oliveros' Beyond the Mysterious Silence at Williams College for the Inaugural Berkshire New Music Festival.

13 October 1996

     Repeat performance of above, at Tanglewood, Lenox MA.

17-23 November 1996

     DLB in residence at Bowdoin College, Brunswick ME. Lectures, demonstrations, Deep Listening Sound Massage Parlor, recording sessions in the Chapel--this last cut short by the death of an important alumnae resulting in the eviction of the Band and Instrument Watcher Greg Altman.

20 November 1996

      Concert in the Chapel at Bowdoin College with guest Thomas Buckner. Program included Gamper's Deep Hockets, Buckner's Declaration of Independence, and From Now On (dedicated to Elliott Schwartz in appreciation).

8 January 1997

     First DLB World Wide Web site uploaded by Gamper and opened to the public.

1 February 1997

     Release of Suspended Music CD on Periplum (P 0010). Recorded 12 November 1994 at The Candy Factory (see 5-12 November 94 above).

February-March 1997

     Release parties for Suspended Music held 22 February at The Candy Factory, Austin TX; 14 March at Deep Listening Space, Kingston, NY; 15 March at Roulette Space, New York City; and 29 March at the Speakeasy Café, Seattle. Video of the project was shown, Herb Levy talked about the philosophy behind his new Periplum label, and Deep Listening Band members and Long String Instrument performers who were in attendance talked about the project.

23 June 1997

     Preliminary DLB expedition to cooling tower number 5 of the Satsop Power Plant, near Elma WA. Investigated future recording possibilities with positive results. Awaiting bureaucratic developments to gain future access.

4-10 August 1997

     DLB in residence inaugurating DL Studio (at Deep Listening Space) in Kingston NY in preparation for upcoming eastern New York state tour. Joe Giardullo led the first rehearsal of Joe McPhee's DLB commission Unquenchable Fire with author Rachel Pollack reading.

8 August 1997

     DLB with Joe McPhee and Rachel Pollack at West Kortwright Centre high in the Catskills east of Oneonta NY. Dempster's JDBBBDJ, McPhee's Unquenchable Fire acoustic version, Oliveros' Sound Fishes, and an untitled meditation piece. Performers prepared in the beautiful outdoor "Green Room" surrounded by cows.

9 August 1997

     DLB with Joe McPhee Quartet (Joe McPhee and Joe Giardullo, winds; Monica Wilson, 'cello; and Michael Thompson, percussion); and Rachel Pollack at Lincoln Center Out of Doors festival. Dempster's JDBBBDJ, premiere of McPhee's complete Unquenchable Fire with text by Rachel Pollack, and Art Birds and banners set by Jerry Starpoli, Oliveros' Sound Fishes, and Gamper's Deep Hockets. Sound by Bob Bielecki.

10 August 1997

      Repeat of 8 August concert at Trinity United Methodist Church in Kingston, NY.

20-23 February 1998

      DLB residency in Kingston NY and New York City.

21 February 1998

     DLB played an improvisation benefit for "Mother's 120th Birthday Darshan 2/21/98" in the new library space at Matagiri in Mt. Tremper NY. Parallel with our efforts were Wendy Lines (reading in French) and Cassia Berman (reading in English) poetry and "statements" from the 13 volume set of Mother's Agenda.

23 February 1998

     DLB at The World Financial Center Winter Garden. Works performed were three composed by DLB in anticipatory celebration of the DLB's Tenth Anniversary:  Palm Sundae, Palm Reading, and Leonardo's Dream--respectively "...a rendering of the Winter Garden in all of its ersatz tropical glory, a reading of palm leaves as scores..., [and] a meditation on the image of Leonardo as performer." 

Spring 1998

      Release of Non Stop Flight CD on Music & Arts (CD-1030). DLB Live at Mills College (see 16 September 96).

Autumn 1998

      Re-release of Troglodyte's Delight CD on O. O. Discs (00 #43). (See 6-8 June and 22-23 August 89, and Autumn 90.) 

(23) 24, 25, 26 September 1999

DLB at Low Library Rotunda, Columbia University, “Suspended Music” as part of “Deep Listening Band Decade” with LSI (Ellen Fullman’s Long String Instrument) that included Ellen along with Jessica Lurie and Matthew Sperry performing Fullman’s Texas Travel Textures and Oliveros’ Epigraphs in the Time of AIDS. Also performed were Dempster’s JDBBBDJ, and improvisations with Paul D. Miller--a.k.a. DJ Spooky. Assisted by Jason Sturm, lighting design; Gabriella Gutierrez, design and fabrication of structural setup for LSI mountings; and Bob Bielecki, sound design. Produced by Lauren Amazeen. Other assistance provided by Angelina Baldoz, Monique Buzzarté, Jason Finkelman, Gisela Gamper, Jason Shefrin, and others including a large contingent of Columbia University personnel. (On 23 September DLB along with LSI and Paul D. Miller presented a Colloquium for Columbia University music students.)

1 March 1999

DLB concert at Weill Recital Hall (at Carnegie Hall) included Dempster’s Didjeridervish, Susie Ibarra performing Oliveros’ All Fours for the Drum Bum (originally composed for Fritz Hauser), a discussion between Oliveros and composer/curator Ellen Taaffe Zwilich, Oliveros’ Pauline’s Solo followed by her Sounds of Childhood. Linda Tillery and the Culture Heritage Choir from Oakland CA performed a variety of program that traced roots of black heritage including African and African-American songs. By the time they were doing their last song the whole audience was on its feet dancing in place and swaying to the music. Our concluding piece, Pauline’s “The Well and the Gentle”, included everybody that went before plus Joe McPhee.

12 March 1999

DLB with guest Hugh Ragin on trumpet performed a live Internet performance in Oberlin on <>. Erik (our host) thought we had 1,000 people as audience. Hugh has great ears, knows how to listen, and blended and contrasted appropriately. Anna Voog took digital photos.

14 March 1999

DLB with guest Hugh Ragin on trumpet at Oberlin College’s Cat in the Cream. Along with Oliveros’ Sound Fishes and Gamper’s Deep Hockets there was the first performance of Dempster’s Animal House that included toy animals “Elephantasia, Tiger Raga, and Seal of Approval” (also names of movements). The animals found their way onto tables and paraded long distances down aisles and under chairs, courtesy of the audience! 

13 June 1999

Recording sessions for Jo McPhee’s Unquenchable Fire in Deep Listening Studio, Kingston NY. Performers included, besides DLB, McPhee (reeds and Casio digital horn), Monica Wilson (cello), Joe Giardullo (reeds), and Karen Jurgens (drums). Rachael Pollack was on hand to do the readings of her text. See May 2003 for release information. Recorded by Bob Bielecki.

16 June 1999

DLB, with Straylignt (Jason Finkelman, berimbau, riti, percussion; Charles Cohen, “Buchla Music Easel”; and Geoff Gersh, guitar), Joe McPhee on soprano sax and pocket trumpet at Knitting Factory in New York.

18 August 2000

DLB with guests Brenda Hutchinson and Hugh Ragin in Lincoln Center’s Damrosch Park Band Shell. Sharing the bill with the Gyuto Monks, it was all part of Oliveros’ Lunar Opera. Hutchinson’s piece Go Through Walls and Stuff Like That, is based on quotes from her then eight year old nephew. The four environments visited are “A Small Private Space”, “A Cavernous Space”, The Great Outdoors”, and “A Room of One’s Own”. This child is depicted going to “The Church of the Pines” and discovers what the church believes. Ragin’s Moon Vacation portrays space travel from a launch pad in Harlem, visiting “Pyramid Valley”, “Dark Side”, and observing the “Earth Rise”. Bits of “Star Wars” and “2001” music were hiding in it as well.

Lunar Opera daytime events included a grand processional. With the conch Dempster gave a signal to the Drepung Loseling Monks to begin their blessings. This was followed by Linda Tillery doing the Oracle, with her singing and drumming.     Fan walkers with toy accordions, moonbodies, Diva Nation, drummers, Lambchop (Heloise Gold), Linda Montano “sleeping” in front of the Met, Ship of Fools, and various “cities” to visit formed only a small part of the proceedings. There was a huge contingent of “deep listeners” involved in virtually all parts of the day’s events.

17 March 2001

DLB at Engine 27 (173 Franklin St, New York), featuring Enginuity by Oliveros, Deep Hockets by Gamper, and Dempster’s Spatial Specialization were the points of departure. Recorded in 17 channels. The old firehouse has been transformed by Jack Weissberg into a marvelous space. Jody Elff is Technical Director and Holland Hopson is Managing Director. DLB concludes that this may have been its “best live concert ever”.

19 October 2001

DLB with guest Karel Paukert on organ and the choirs of St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, Cleveland as part of Aki Festival. Pieces performed Being Here Now, Gamper’s Deep Hockets, Oliveros’ Heart Chant, and From Now On. Thanks to Paukert and Paul Cox for arranging for this concert.

7 December 2001

DLB in “Great Hall” of Detroit Institute of Arts (DIA). Pieces performed for two concerts:  Oliveros’ Heart Chant, Ten Knights in Detroit, Great Hall Noise, and From Now On. DIA’s “Rivera Court” features the most amazing Diego Rivera murals. Great Hall Noise turned out to be a premonition; the bar in Rivera Court made considerable noise spilling over into the Great Hall… 

1 June 2002

DLB at Lorraine Hansberry Theater in San Francisco as part of “Sounding the Margins, a three-day celebration of Pauline Oliveros’ 70th birthday. Pieces performed:  Margin Calls, Betting on the Margin, and EISing on the Cake. During EISing Dempster played a trope of Happy Birthday that took about 10 minutes. Nobody got it. The second round took about four minutes, in the middle of which Pauline “had this sudden realization of what was going on, and the look on her face was priceless…As [Dempster] told her afterwards, ‘It serves you right.’” (from Dempster’s DLB journal)

6 July 2002

DLB in the Gower Street Unity Church as part of the several-day (5-13 July) Sound Symposium, St. Johns NF. Pieces performed:  Wherry Query and 81 Circular Hockets, both new in memory of the late Don Wherry, and DLB’s “classic” From Now On.

11 July 2002

DLB with painter Renko Ishida Dempster, movement artist Tonya Lockyer, and artist/writer Ione in L. S. P. U. (Longshoreman’s Protective Union) Hall, St. Johns NF (as part of several day Sound Symposium—see above). Deep Listening BandROOM was a mix of DLB with other Seattle artists that perform in ROOM (a movement, sound, and visual artist collective). Renko had nine panels of paper taped up to look like one sheet but they were three deep—and that changed effect of the remaining panels. Lockyer was often “floating” while both Ione (who also seemed to “float”) and Stuart moved about the space (Gamper and Oliveros were located in the center).

22 May 2003

DLB at The World Financial Center’s Winter Garden. Works performed were Music from the Soul of the Earth (in memory of Greg Altman), ‘Ear th’ Soul Music by Dempster, As It Is by Oliveros, Gamper’s Cooling Off with EIS, and DLB’s often performed set piece From Now On.

24-25 May 2003

DLB in Kingston at Deep Listening Space studio, recording by Russell Frehling. This was DLB’s first attempt at recording acoustically in a studio; up until now DLB has recorded in some unusual space, or else recorded using EIS. Results were uneven, although there was the thinking that perhaps Frehling could be coaxed into a “guest composer” role whereby he could “compose” a CD from the raw material from the two days. He was up for this; however, there was no specific timetable envisioned.

May 2003

Release of CD Unquenchable Fire on Deep Listening (DL 19-2003). DLB with Joe McPhee Quartet. Rachel Pollack reads from her own text. Composer McPhee led the group in “structured improvisations…based on the novel of the same name…”  See 13 June 1999 for session information.

16 October 2004

DLB at New York’s La MaMa E. T. C. performing in Sounds Like Now festival (celebrating Tom Buckner’s Interpretations Series at 15) directed by David First and Tom Hamilton. Oliveros’ program note included:  “Deep Listening Band performs spontaneously tonight under the title Then & Now Now & Then.  Then was sixteen years ago in an underground cistern in Washington State resulting in an underground classic produced by New Albion called ‘Deep Listening’. Now is tonight’s performance and is dedicated to changes for the better, whatever that is…” 

October 2005

A DLB related event, Fritz Hauser’s Deep Time released on Deep Listening (DL 32-2005). David Gamper was audio engineer for and producer of CD. These are sessions recorded on 28 October 1994 (see this date in the Chronology for additional information). Performers Pauline Oliveros, accordion & Expanded Instrument System; David Gamper, Expanded Instrument System electronics, misc. small instruments; Urs Leimgruber, soprano & tenor saxophones; and Fritz Hauser, percussion. Deep Time is a tape composition featuring sounding stones and various Swiss watches and clocks, commissioned for DLB in 1991 by the Deep Listening Institute, with assistance from New York State Council for the Arts.

3 October 2005

“Sedimental Journey” celebrating 50 years of Stuart Dempster and Pauline Oliveros working together. A DLB related event, it was a telematic concert over iChatAV featuring live dancers at Mills College with Internet appearances by Oliveros at Renslaer (NY) Polytechnical Institute and Dempster at DXArts, University of Washington in Seattle. All performers appeared at all sites via Internet.  

30 March - 2 April 2006

DLB SoundExchange residency, presented by American Composers forum, Philadelphia Chapter, and Ars Nova Workshop, and others, held at Trinity Center of the Arts, a lovely old Episcopal church at 22nd and Spruce in Philadelphia. Workshops were attended by 14 Philadelphia composers.

31 March

DLB concert featured Deep SoundExchange by Oliveros. After intermission it was Oliveros’ Philadelphia Mint:  An Ear Full of Philly performed by DLB with SoundExchange Ensemble (from the 14 resident composers and performers).

2 April

Concert featured DLB performing acoustically showing off Trinity Center’s “Great Hall”. This was followed by performances of various new compositions developed by resident composers over the previous weeks and workshopped during the residency.

13 October 2006

DLB with Ione and Norman Lowery at “The Concert Hall, Dorothy Young Center for the Arts “, Drew University, Madison NJ. This concert was part of Ione’s Dream Festival. The score (printed in the program) by Norman Lowery (a.k.a. Normask Man) Into the Deep (Dreaming) follows:  


take a dive into the deep (dreaming)

take a dive into the (dreaming) deep

take a dive into (dreaming) the deep

take a dive (dreaming) into the deep

take (dreaming) a dive into the deep

(dreaming) take a dive into the deep

sound from these depths whatever emerges

singing masks will be guides in this dreamtime realm


                                    --nl, sept 2006

10 August 2008

DLB, beginning “Celebrating Twnety Years”, was at Bard College as part of New Albion Records’ 25th Anniversary. Pauline awards an Honorary Deep Listening Certificate to a surprised Foster Reed. The concert title was Sounding the Bard without Shakespeare with performance premieres of Listening to Mirrors, Deep Mirroring, and Mirroring the Bard[o]. A rather loud solo cricket helps the DLB and audience hold a beautiful two-minute silence at the end.

24 October 2008

DLB double LP released on TAIGA Records Then & Now Now & Then Celebrating 20 Years (TAIGA 5), lavishly conceived and produced by Andrew Lange. Excerpts from one recording session and three concerts are presented:  Cannery Row (1990), previously released on ¿What Next?; Enginuity/Deep Hockets/Spatial Specialization (2001), Then & Now Now & Then (2004), Deep SoundExchange (2006).

24 October 2008

DLB “Celebrating 20 Years” performance at Roulette (Location 1) in New York City. Roulette’s able tech assistant was Stephen Cooper. Work performed:  The Dream Location One Dreams. First time DLB was seated with backs to each other in the middle of a surrounding audience. DLB double LP released this day on TAIGA (see listing directly above). This performance presented as part of Ione’s 13th Annual Dream Festival.

25 October 2008

DLB “Celebrating 20 Years” performance at Big Twig Studio in the Catskills in Roscoe NY, Dana Duke, host and recording engineer. Work performed:  Dreaming Live at the Big Twig. Due to technical difficulties, only some of concert was broadcast live on WJFF and streamed on the Internet. Live audience made a dedicated effort to come from afar, many driving an hour or more in a continuous, hard rain. This performance presented as part of Ione’s 13th Annual Dream Festival.

18 April 2009

DLB as part of “Big Deep” at The Kitchen in New York City, included the three DLB regulars performing Kitch as Kitch Can. Among other performers on Big Deep were DJ Olive with visuals by Benton-C Bainbridge, and saxophonist Roscoe Mitchell, the latter presented a “Golden Ear Award” by Ione and David Felton (DLI board president) Oliveros. and Mitchell performed ‘O Milhaud Mio as part of Big Deep.

20-22 May 2009

DLB overnight trip made from Seattle to Dan Harpole Cistern at Fort Worden in Port Townsend WA for recording. Besides DLB regulars there were Jonas Braasch, saxophone, and Victoria Gibson, photography and video. Transportation “interesting” due to several week Hood Canal Bridge closure.

23 May 2009

DLB back-to-back sold-out concerts “Now & Then Then & Now – Celebrating 20 Years” presented by Nonsequitur as part of Wayward Music Series at Seattle’s Chapel Performance Space at Good Shepherd Center featuring the premier of DroniPhonia, with iPhones, Spatialization and Multiple Instruments. Concept by Pauline Oliveros based on iPhone application “Srutibox” by Henry Lowengard. Environmental streams from Locus Sonus. Deep thanks to Jonathan Scheuer, and Steve Peters, director, Nonsequitur.

22 November 2009

A DLB related event: Stuart Dempster and Pauline Oliveros at Harold M. Williams Auditorium, the Getty Center, Los Angeles at the kind invitation of composer John Adams. From the concert program note (by Dempster): Coasting West, and Left Coasting celebrates not only the long time collaborating together—over 50 years—but also the excitement of being part of attending, building, composing, developing, experiencing, fostering, googling, highlighting, inventing, juxtaposing, kneading, listening to, molding, nudging, observing, performing, questioning, recording, savoring, transcending, understanding, visualizing, writing about, examining, yearning for, and zeroing in on West Coast: Left Coast experiences. The “transformative experience of Deep Listening®” was born October 1988 in a no longer used two million gallon cistern with a 45 second reverberation time some 70 miles northwest of Seattle when Stuart insisted that Pauline, along with vocalist Panaiotis, stop by on their way to their performance in the Bay Area.

27 March 2010

DLB as part of three-hour marathon concert in New York City in Miller Theater celebrating Pauline Oliveros’ receiving Columbia University’s William Schuman Award. Some other participants included (in no particular order) Al Margolis, Heloise Gold, Tom Swafford, Leaf Miller (drum group), Will Swofford, Paula Josa Jones (Dempster played for the first time the conch she donated to DLB), Tom Buckner, Phil Niblock, Monique Buzzarté, Bob Bielecki, Miya Masaoka, George Lewis, Sarah Cahill, David Bernstein, Renee Levine Packer, Linda Montano (“interviewing” and/or “channeling” Mother Teresa!), Benton-C Bainbridge, and so very many others too numerous to list here.

10-15 January 2011

DLB residency in Great Hall at Town Hall Seattle with crucial and essential support from University of Washington’s DXArts and School of Music, a marvelous troika of support. On concert of 15 January DLB performed Great Howl and Town Haul. Prior to Saturday concert several recording sessions, now referred to as Thursday Night, Friday Morning, and Friday Night, produced six elegant tracks to be released on LPs. The concert will be released on CD. All is to be released on Important Records (CD and LP) and Taiga Records (double LP). DLB agreed that this is one of the great moments in DLB history.

Edited from program: The elegant Meyer Sound surround system was installed by personnel from University of Washington’s Center for Digital Arts and Experimental Media (DXArts). Further major support provided by UW’s School of Music and Director Richard Karpen; DXArts with special thanks to Mike McCrea, Joshua Parmenter, Doug Niemela, Marcin Paczkowski, Nicolas Varchausky, Stlios Manousakis and Richard Johnson; Town Hall Seattle staff including Director Wier Harman, Sheil Smith, and Mary Cutler; and Stephen Fandrich for special just intonation piano tuning.

4-5 June 2011

DLB as part of Pauline Oliveros’ Tower Ring commissioned by the Oliver Ranch Foundation for Ann Hamilton’s Tower, Geyserville CA, involving a large cast of performers. Besides DLB, other performers included Brenda Hutchinson (bell mistress), Bay Area based Cornelius Cardew Choir (Tom Bickley, director), Ione (improvising word and sound artist), Christopher Pilafian (movement), George Marsh (gong master), Jennifer Wilsey (percussion mistress), Chris Chafe (Long Wire Master), Suiren (a.k.a. Renko Ishida Dempster, Ring Sketcher), and so many others. Cast included Lisa Barnard Kelley, Adria Otte, and more than 40 others including at least 16 Cornelius Cardew Choir members.

27 September 2011

DLB is shocked to its core by the sudden death of David Gamper at his beloved “Landgrove” Londonderry VT. A member of DLB for 20 years performing on piano, conch, natural flutes, and so much else, he was one of the more recent in a continuing legacy of developers of EIS (Expanded Instrument System). He regularly made improvements not only to EIS, but also was a regular trouble-shooter during all our concerts and rehearsals. This shock is an explanation point to a long summer of extremely intense listening centered around the fantastic DLB recording sessions and concert during the January 2011 Town Hall Seattle residency supported extensively by University of Washington’s DXArts and School of Music. Through over 100 hours of listening and editing by Dempster and DXArts’ Michael McCrea as technical wizard, several recordings are to be released by Important Records and Taiga Records in May 2012. They will be released in memory of and tribute to David Gamper.

29 October 2011

DLB, at Lawrence University in Appleton WI, “dedicates tonight’s performances to the memory of our beloved bandmate, pianist David Gamper.” (See entry above - 27 September 2011.) Works performed: Landgrove (Side A of forthcoming double LP “Needle Drop Jungle” on Taiga Records); Listening for Alternatives and Moving with Listening (premiers); From Now On (one of David Gamper’s favorite pieces); Land of Snows (by Brian Pertl, Dean of LU Conservatory of Music); One Hundred Meeting Places (Oliveros); Milanda Embracing (Dempster). Joining in were Matt Turner (e-cello), Rebecca Salzer and Jeff Wallace (movement), and some 20 members of IGLU (Improvisation Group at Lawrence University), Sound, Larry Darling; administrative assistance, Jillian Johnson.


DLB Chronology by Stuart Dempster, with assistance from David Gamper, Pauline Oliveros, and others.


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