Deep Listening Artists

Artists that are involved with the activities of the Deep Listening Institute, Ltd. are listed here.  Some are Deep Listening Certificate Holders, some have been associated with other programs and performances of the Institute.


Center for Deep Listening at Rensselaer
Tomie Hahn Director
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Pamela Madsen

California, USA

I am a composer, performer (piano, spoken voice, electronics) and scholar engaged in exploring issues of form and the feminine voice by finding new modes of expression through reflection on the body, women’s rituals and myths through my recent works: electroacoustic opera/installation We are All Sibyls, with Judy Chicago, Sedna for Zeitgeist, video/spatialized electronics and collaborative electroacoustic collection Sea Nymphs with flutists Anne LaBerge and Jane Rigler. I focus on collaboration, process, transformation and transcendence in performance through intensive focus on the moment, voice and virtuosity in conjunction with multi-media and spatialized electronics and work collaboratively with performers and artists to create new works that challenge technical, musical, and personal limitations to enact the subconscious and perhaps engage larger, spiritual influences to emerge. As curator of the International Women's Electroacoustic Listening Room Project and Women in New Music Festival I present and research works by women composers throughout the world.


Al Margolis (If, Bwana)

Dominique Mazeaud

Dominique Mazeaud's passion is to put her art in service of her community and beyond. In interactive performances like “The Point of Tears” created for her 'peace through culture' tour of Colombia in 2001 and 2002, “The Sorry Book Traveling Shrine” for Peace Day in 2006 or “The Priestess of Generosity” created for the Network of Spiritual Progressives' Generosity Sunday in 2007, she creates spaces for a deep listening to the heart. Since 1979, her calling has been to find “the spiritual in art” and her journey hence has centered on uncovering the meaning of the word 'heartist.'

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Kim McCarthy

Kimberly A. McCarthy, Ph.D., M.M. first met Pauline Oliveros in 1979 via a one paragraph description in “Grout,” the canon of classical music history. The second meeting occurred at a conference in 1984. McCarthy zombied up to Pauline and said “This…is…an...important…meeting.” Pauline quickly looked for the nearest exit, all too familiar with the groupie psyche. In 1991 Kim was crabby. She didn’t want to go to the concert. In a huff she plopped down in the dark, third-tier seat. But something caught her eye. It was a head. Seated before her. There was…something…familiar. Shock and excitement set in as in this chance event Kim realized it was Pauline Oliveros. THIS WAS A SIGN!

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Brigitte Meyer

Brigitte Meyer (1954)
I am a dl-certificate holder and live in St.Gallen, Switzerland.
I consider myself an improviser in life and in music making (cello and voice)
In my work with people as a counsellor, director or mentor, listening is part of my daily job. Recent collaborations took or take place with Christine Zehnder-Probst (musician); Andrea Graf (author), Helen Davey (musician).
I play in various bands, who have nice names like “Spieltrieb East”; “Bunte Hörschlaufen and “Cantastrozzi” CD: “Work in Progress”; Instant Composings for Cello and Voice (2005)

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Leaf Miller



Stephan Moore

Stephan Moore is a composer, audio artist, and sound designer in New York City. He has graduated from from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Western Michigan University, and Interlochen Arts Academy. His creative work centers around the collection and use of real-world sound, the creation and perception of sonic environments, and technological manifestations of improvisation and interactivity.

Recent performances and installation artworks make use of a large multi-channel array of his hemispherical speakers. He performs regularly as half of the electronic duo Evidence, and with a variety of musicians, live-video artists, and dancers. He has created custom music software for a number of composers and artists, and has taught courses in sound art and electronic music at Maryland Institute College of Art, Peabody Conservatory, Massachusetts College of Art, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, and Simon's Rock College of Bard.

He is currently the Sound Supervisor of the Merce Cunningham Dance Company.

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