Dreams of the Jungfrau


Written and directed by Ione
Music and sound design by Pauline Oliveros

Dreams of the Jungfrau is a 20 minute experimental narrative video, set in an art deco hotel high in the Swiss Alps, that tells the story of a contemporary music vocalist revisiting scenes that may have taken place in her past. It is also the story of the hotel, its many odd inhabitants, and the oracles that guide them. The story assembles and reassembles itself in the viewer’s consciousness, testing the parameters of memory and dream and raising issues of sexual identity and artistic rivalry along the way.

"Our Quiet Music Ensemble event went off very well, and Dreams... was awesome! :-) I'm particularly struck by the passage about taking away your beauty (even down to your beautiful bones): it's very powerful! ... Please also mention to Pauline how amazing the sound-track for that film is! The visual and auditory elements balance each other in an extraordinary way: it struck me more strongly than ever that the music speaks about something buried impenetrably deep in the emotional colour of the film, something that is never explicit, buried deep like trauma can be, and only ever really expressed through the unconscious." - John Godfrey, Artistic Director, Quiet Music Ensembl



Price: $20.00