Pauline Oliveros' life as a composer, performer and humanitarian is about opening her own and others' sensibilities to the many facets of sound. Since the 1960's she has influenced American music profoundly through her work with improvisation, meditation, electronic music, myth and ritual. She is widely known for her accordion playing with electronics using her Expanded Instrument System (EIS). She also founded Deep Listening Institute, Ltd. in 1985 to encourage others in the practice of Deep Listening for creativity and heightened awareness of sound and sounding. Many credit her with being the founder of present day meditative music. All of Oliveros' work emphasizes musicianship, attention strategies, and improvisational skills. Recently, Columbia University announced Pauline Oliveros as the first woman composer to receive the distinguished William Schuman award, which will include a retrospective concert in March 2010.

Pauline Oliveros' groundbreaking work for six iPhones and muli-instrumentalists. Performed by the Deep Listening Band - David Gamper, Stuart Dempster & Oliveros. Recorded May 23, 2009 at Chapel of the Good Shepherd Performance Space in Seattle, WA. Engineer: Rob Angus Total time: 8:10


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