Marc Jensen

EarWorm is an improvisationally driven electroacoustic quartet of composer-performers. All of our music is performed live. As such, earWorm presents an immediate and immersive experience of collective improvisation. We take the listener through a sonic landscape forged as we discover it, each of us acting as vibrational tour guides. Musical actions unfold, results often unforeseen, and we playfully react in the moment of unfolding. Our combined style is as varied as our collective musical experience, dancing within a panoply of free-form jazz, blues, minimalism, electronica, trance, hip-hop, ambient, funk, rock, latin, classical, world, folk, and nearly everywhere in-between.

This self-titled debut CD is a kaleidoscopic collage of nearly seventy-eight minutes of music assembled from performances during 2008. All of the music was treated minimally during post-production and edited only for length to preserve the integrity of the live performance.

Elliott Miles McKinley - keyboards and laptop sampling, drum/percussion beats and loops, live mixing and effects processing.
Marc Jensen - accordion, toy-piano, slide-whistle, conch trumpet, tenor recorder, assorted percussion, voice.
Zachary Crockett - flutes, shakuhachi, ocarina, pan-pipes, Irish tin-whistle, assorted percussion, voice.
James E. Holdman - mandolin, slide lap-dulcimer, electric bass, mouthpieces, assorted percussion, ambient laptop samples, voice.

Special guests:
Doug Little - tenor saxophone and flute.
Scott Moses Murray - electric guitar.


Price: $16.00