Finders Keepers


This book mixes creation myth with trickster lore, recycled loony tunes: "His pliant wand flashes into speech. The path / runs off to become the path. Alloy / surpasses metal's prime. Its luster turns / waiting into a dance: the little god's ring / never did fit; now it's yours!" These thirteen poems are like wilier versions of Blake's Songs of Innocence, hymn fragments to a "big bad planet": "The sun takes a wild, prehistoric snapshot. / You can shoot back, but don't fool with the props. / The hare's hand-to-mouth-illusion; coyote's baby / pictures, cuteness gone awry. A high-speed pose is all" In Finders Keepers reason and cunning have inserted tricks into myths; their forces cease to be invincible: "Each design, if separate, proves / intractable; when combined / will yield the coyote's fine line, And quatrains' blur a solid wand. / Your crinkly ear emblem's fealty / to cipher's yammer, hip-hop 'signifire.'"


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