The mission of Center for Deep Listening (CDL) and Center for Cognition, Communication and Culture (CCC) includes the development of technology for artists. AUMI was created to support artists with disabilities. The starting point was to work with those potential artists with the least possibility to participate. This point of view has made artistic expression available to a wide range of people who would otherwise have no access. AUMI is an inclusive interface that all can use. More research is needed in order to design even more effective features to support an inclusive range of music making. DLI provides a training program in the use of AUMI. Feedback from those who engage in the training programs help to inform the next developments of AUMI.

Much of the work done with the AUMI shows how the instrument allows users to move past medical and therapeutic models of disability and toward artistic practice that does not discriminate according to ability. Thus far, the possible uses of the AUMI have been focused on technology and education, but research needs to be done to explore the potential for further creative artistic development. The researchers of AUMI-CDL/CCC are interested in user feedback from all learners and educators that helps push the interface forward to wider ranges of expressiveness and use.

Also user feedback is used to revise and enhance the training program for therapists, aides, parents and educators. Though AUMI is very intuitive for users to learn on their own there are many aspects of ergonomics, environments as well as artistic considerations that support free improvisation as the preferred way to use AUMI.

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