Life as a biker Woman

Every once in a while out on my motorcycle I get women who pull up next to me and give me a thumbs up or yell 'way to go' and such. but I think the best days are when I get a little girl staring at me and you can see in her eyes that something is changing... for instance...

I was out on my motorcycle on Sunday and stopped for lunch. I was dressed in jeans, sweatshirt and my biker jacket. While in line a little girl maybe 6 or 7 all dressed in her Sunday best kept staring at me. I smiled but she wouldn't say a word... just kept staring.
As she walked away she said something to her dad and he said in return... "she rides a motorcycle... isn't that cool!"
I couldn't help but smile and think that maybe I changed a little girl's view of what women can do.


Dear Jackie- how beautiful.

On May 12th, 2010 Ione says: Dear Jackie- how beautiful. I love the way you are with this bike- and its gorgeous jewel like color- Soft, intentional, strong, purposeful! Thank you for this art! IONE