The Minexcio Connection: Live! At The Rosendale Cafe

Pauline Oliveros

One of the most unexpected yet fruitful partnerships of recent years: in the mid-1990s, Pauline Oliveros, electronic music pioneer and sage of the environmental-drone, began working with Reynols, the prolific and resolutely undefinable Argentinian group. Their first joint effort sent Oliveros' music through the rigours of Reynols' heavily processed studio treatments; THE MINEXCIO CONNECTION: LIVE! AT THE ROSENDALE CAFE finds them collaborating on-stage in real time. Recorded in August 2000 during Reynols' first trek through North America, they offered up a version of "Six For New Time" (originally composed by Oliveros for Sonic Youth's GOODBYE 20th CENTURY LP), along with idiosyncratic throat-singing and hypnotic dream/dronescapes. The venue may have been a small cafe in rustic upstate New York, but the sonic results sound like emanations from the deepest of Deep Listening caves under the earth. - Roaratorio

"The Minexcio Connection: Live! At The Rosendale Cafe" is an excellent live collaboration between the one and only Pauline Oliveros and the equally singular Reynols (or No Reynols in this case, since Miguel Tomasin was not present). If I have my facts right, and I probably don't, this is one of Reynols' first American live performances, and I couldn't think of a better christening than as trio support for Oliveros, who of course is one of the earliest proponents of the concept of Deep Listening, which has has an undeniable impact on many of today's tribal, minimal, noise brigade. In this capacity, Oliveros plays accordion and some unorthodox throat singing as Reynols handles most of the other noise makers (ranging from electric guitar and "cow's nails" to mouth harp, marmonia, didgeridoo, etc), but very little of this could really be considered noise. Environmental free drone bliss is closer to the mark, as these four extended tracks (including "Six For New Time," which was covered recently on their "Goodbye 20th Century" LP) paint living sound pictures populated by evolving contemplative hiss, hums and reverberating textures that will stay with you long after the needle's lifted. This is the ultimate in spontaneous dream music, and I also happen to think it's pretty cool that Miguel is credited with "inaudible presence." - Lee Jackson THE BROKEN FACE (SWEDEN)


Price: $12.00