Mixing America

Julie Lyonn Lieberman

A haunting musical foray into the deeply spiritual challenge the United States faces as a nation comprised of dozens of diverse cultures, languages and beliefs. Mixing America views the state of our nation from the perspective of Eagle Bones, a Native American shaman murdered while defending his people, his spirit long incarcerated by the glass case that displays his skeleton in a national museum. Composer and performer Lieberman's music speaks to aspects of the challenges to (and strengths of) the American experience: The Tree of Thorns to racism; The Sandman, to drug addiction; Orphan Boy, to the plight of children; Mixing America, to the richness of diversity; Fiddle Sing For Me, to the power of art; and Lady Bop, to the maintenence of the creative heartbeat which sustains the struggle for healing.


Price: $16.00