My Own Thousand Shatterings

Seth Cluett

"When I popped in Seth Cluett's latest CD 'My Own Thousand
Shatterings' and sank deep inside his immersive drone pieces, that is
the first two on this CD, I thought I was merely listening to the hum
of some synthesizer with some slow changes throughout. The third
piece sounded like a field recordings of rain. After thinking 'wow,
that was a nice CD of drone music', I began reading the press text
for it, and learned that the third piece is indeed a field recording,
of rain to be precise, and that the second is a documentation of a
performance and the first is a mono piece recorded at home, but that
the first two are based on the field recordings of the third piece.
How it works exactely we are not told (certainly not on the cover of
the CD), but this is certainly a worthwhile thing for lovers of drone
music. Up until now, Cluett worked mostly with densely layered small
acoustic sounds, and this new CD sees him breaking away from that,
going into an even more minimal and microscopic level of sound.
Perhaps this is a much simpler approach, or maybe even more 'easy' to
produce work, but I'd say that doesn't count. What counts is the
result and that is beautiful. The two drone pieces can easily meet
the best Niblock/Lucier works and the field recording piece is in all
it's simpleness a great moving piece." Frans De Waard


Price: $16.00