Nile Night


Nile Night is a lovely new book of poems that also includes a cd of readings by Ione and music by Pauline Oliveros.

'Nile Night: Remembered Texts from the Deep' will move your mind with sounds, sensations and feelings; arousing your dreams and taking you far into that fabled land of Egypt. How fortunate for me that I shared one of these journeys with Ione and can find my own memories amplified as I dive into the depths of these writings. What an enrichment to have these poetic texts and to keep them close for reference. Ione will take you along with her and also give you space for yourself as you connect with these beautifully nuanced words." - Pauline Oliveros

"Beautifully interwoven- the transcendent and the immediate now, one informing the other - illuminating!" - Renko Dempster

"We read through some of your poetry, Ione, right away and were so thoroughly entranced. Arny said 'At last! A true dreamer in this world!' And Amy was floating on the Nile with you, entranced and deeply moved by your beautiful imagery and feeling. Now we just heard the CD – and feel so stoned that we can hardly talk! Thank you for your representations of the quantum world with your words and music -- filling the atmosphere of our home with such awesome beauty. What you two do is so intimate, so real, and communicates so directly. Just amazing. We’ll be dreaming and talking about this for a long time." - Amy and Arny Mindell


Price: $27.50