NOTES: 2005 limited edition prints

Pauline Oliveros

NOTES: 2005 is a print edition featuring one-page compositions on the theme "M-A-T-A" by Philip Glass, Laurie Anderson, Meredith Monk and Pauline Oliveros.
Each composer was invited to create a one-page "visual composition" on the theme "MATA." Interpretation and notation, at the discretion of composing artists, reveal an intimate view of their artistry. Images are 11"X14".
Each set includes a cover page, a colophon (edition notes) and the four composers' works, sealed in a simple and elegant envelope. NOTES has been printed by Master Printer Judith Solodkin and her Chelsea studio, Solo Impression Inc., and was conceived and produced by Robert J. A. Bangiola to benefit MATA's annual young composers festival.
The concept: to encourage composers to think in another medium, and reach out to their audience through the visual arts.
If you would like to see a proof in person, please contact Robert Bangiola at 917-617-7932, and arrangements will be made.
$1000 unframed, plus tax
$1500 framed, plus tax
Shipping depends on the destination.

Price: $1,000.00