Paesaggi di Libero Ascolto

David Monacchi

David Monacchi’s eclectic approach to sound include both the acoustic and the electronic world.

The real and the artificial. He easily mixes them together and, working with a lot of different sound sources, he’s able to define a rich and ever-growing palette of “sound colors”. His primary research with field recordings forms his “travelling baggage” of inspirations. His meticolou action and dedication gives the exact co-ordinates of his method, so well balanced between the “natural” (chaotic) and the “built”

This collection represents an observation point on the electroacoustic side of his work. La Selva degli Orologi, is an enchanting landscape of mechanical objects brought to life by mean of a clear musical sensibility.

Acqua, for water concrete sounds, is an exploration and a cinematic journey thru the first source life.

Ciclo Circadiano, for environmental sounds, is the sum of years of on-site natural recordings, assembled and re-worked, in a genuine “concrete” way, over the 24-hours division of the day.

Intorno all’Origine represent a sort of “Darwinian” summation, a path that the author rides, going thru different states (the archaic recalling, the real images, the artificial soundscapes, the new sound experiences) finally finding his personal way of making music.

Paesaggi di Libero Ascolto (Free-Listenings Landscapes) is the colourful portrait of a joyful musical mind, that deserve an attentive listening.

16 pages booklet with liner notes of the author + 12 pages leaflet with two


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