Recording Field, H


"Recording Field, H" features several firsts: the first recording bringing together Pauline Oliveros and interface; the first video documentation of interface and their unusual instruments; the first video documentation of the sonic character pieces Streams and Pikapika; the first duo connecting shakuhachi and the bowed-sensor-speaker-array; finally, the first DVD released by Deep Listening Publications.

The odd-numbered tracks are electronic improvisations, created spontaneously with custom-made instruments. The even-numbered tracks feature Tomie Hahn as two radically contrasting sonic characters; in "Streams" each gesture of the dreamlike apparition recalls bodies of water, technology, a flow of information, transmission, and liquid states; as Pikapika, Tomie embodies a spunky character influenced by anime, Japanese dance, and bunraku. In both pieces Tomie wears a sensing device developed by Curtis Bahn. This interface enables Tomie to negotiate full control of all aspects of the virtual soundscape structure with her movements.

Pauline Oliveros - accordion and Expanded Instrument System (EIS)
Curtis Bahn - sensor bass
Tomie Hahn - interactive dance system and shakuhachi
Dan Trueman - sensor violin and bowed sensor/speaker array


Price: $15.00