Riverdream through us

Norman Lowrey

The first of Lowrey's River Sounding Trilogy stemming from Delaware River Sounding project held in the summer and autumn of 1994. riverdream through us uses an accompanying soundscape of recordings made along, on, and in the Delaware River together with Lowrey's Singing/Listening Masks as guides to listen to and participate in the mind of the river. There are 7 "dreamings:" 1. Opening, 2. Flowing, 3. Riving, 4. Bottoming, 5. Verging, 6. Weaving (river/stars), and 7. Riverdreaming. This CD was recorded live at Ione's Dream Festival, at Deep Listening Space, Kingston, NY, October 25, 1997. It includes the participation of Pauline Oliveros on a variety of instruments and Tom Bickley on recorders.


Price: $16.00