See Hear Now

David & Gisela Gamper

David and Gisela Gamper's live performance based collaboration, See Hear Now, arises from their shared fascination with natural sounds and images. In their individual work as artists, they have found ourselves drawn to images and sounds that emerge from nature and life. Gisela closely observes the world around her. Through her images we rediscover our own connections to the fabric of life. David¹s music emerges from the acoustic sounds of his piano, small instruments and found objects. When he expands them through live electronic transformations they retain the power of natural sound.

The DVD contains a live video and music improvisation recorded in an installation created specifically for this DVD. For their live performances they cover the walls of the installation space with stretched spandex, then set up mirrors, so that the images‹like the sounds‹fill the air and the entire space. Here, they have created a scaled down version of the projector and mirror system, allowing them to document the performance for viewing on a TV or computer. They first performed and recorded in the surround sound field. Later, they mixed the recordings of acoustic instruments and the speaker sources into the 5.1 surround format on the DVD. The recording of the live performance they selected for this DVD was created and improvised in the moment. It represents the image and sound experience of a full See Hear Now performance.

Also on the DVD is "inside see hear now," a short documentary which explains some of the aesthetic and technical choices they have made for their collaboration of live music and video improvisations. This footage from a See Hear Now performance was recorded in their New York studio and shows the full scale of the installation.


Price: $19.00