Sharon Stewart

Born in Pasadena, CA, USA
Living in Arnhem, The Netherlands

I grew up in the United States and, after traveling some years through Jordan and France, finally landed in Arnhem, The Netherlands. I have studied piano at the Utrecht School of the Arts, Faculty of Music, and later completed a Masters in Music Pedagogy at the Royal Conservatoire, the Hague, focusing on feminisms, improvisation and technology in a music pedagogical practice. In the course of this process I discovered Deep Listening®. After following three international retreats, I became certified in Deep Listening® with Pauline Oliveros, IONE and Heloise Gold in 2011. I have also had significant personal experience with Bio-Energetic work, including a two-year training, 2008-2010.

I have the privilege to live in a city with a thriving dance academy, ArtEZ, and have become involved in various projects and performances with dancers, some ongoing. Further, I have a private piano practice in Arnhem; guest lecture and give workshops at the department of Gender Studies at Utrecht University and NOI♀SE Summer School; and serve as Associate Editor of the Journal of Sonic Studies. Since an electroacoustic composition proposal of mine involving whale sounds was nominated for a national composition prize for female composers (MCN Compositieopdracht Prijs, 2012), I have been focusing more on the composition of electroacoustic music.

In my work I strive for a dynamic relationship with the body, creating situations for myself and others in which participants can ‘make music’ while also remaining open to the particularly sense-ational information the body continually relays. Paying attention to dreams is a rich source for me in understanding my underlying and transform-ing/ational emotional states as well as providing a, sometimes astounding, source of raw materials. In my own creating and teaching I hold and return to balance, openness, stillness and spontaneity, while leaving space for the explosive, volatile and powerful forces of emotional expression.

Center for Deep Listening at Rensselaer
Tomie Hahn Director
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