Stephanie Loveless - Cricket, Tree, Crow

Cricket, Tree, Crow contains one DVD with DTS surround and stereo sound recordings, a eight-page booklet with liner notes by David Dunn. Cricket, Tree, Crow unfolds in three movements that investigate the “voices” of the fall field cricket, the maple tree and the American crow in order to explore boundaries between human and nonhuman subjectivities. All sonic material in the work is based on vocal mimicry of the sounds produced by members of the species themselves. This is the second release by Audience Editions, a publishing initiative of ((audience)), which produces limited-edition surround sound works on DVD accompanied by a critical text from a guest writer.

Stephanie Loveless is a Montréal-born artist who works with sound, video, film and voice. She makes soft-speakers out of paper cups, performance prescriptions for audience-identified ailments, and sound works that channel the voices of plants, animals and 20th century musical icons.

Price: $20.00