Timeless Pulse - Trio

Timeless Pulse Trio is Pauline Oliveros, accordion, with
percussionists George Marsh and Jennifer Wilsey.  Released
in honor of the 20th annual Deep Listening Retreats held this
year in Camallera, Spain and Petaluma, California, this is the
third Timeless Pulse album.  Formed in 1991 during a residency
at the Deep Listening Institute, the full ensemble, including
Thomas Buckner and David Wessel, has released two live
recordings on CD: Live at CNMAT and Quintet.  This is the first
time this entity has been stripped down to a trio, recorded in
a studio and released on vinyl.  Divided into four sides with
titled subsections, the album includes guests Ione and Joyce
Kouffman contributing spoken word and cello on “Real As Any

2 LP Set

Price: $30.00