The Toy Palace

Charles Doria

This "libretto for animals, people and machines," strings together elegant verbal structures mirroring chorale and canon. In The Toy Palace cats and humans suffer under u.s. ideology. A children's solo puts a slip-knot in the snare of all edifying discourse: "I'm to blame / I'm fire and name and / doggone / wonderful / yours / I'm mine / not yours or theirs / cereal surreal sir real for reel / dirt and dust and pain and birth and ash / I'm blamed" A permutation poem simulates led messages, a pervasive feature of any city--any toy palace. Charles Doria responds to urban architecture, suspending its patterns in language, "in a separate space entirely." He never loses sight of the chaos against which the patterns are conceived: "In space the imagination / where every toy lives / five little fingers / and their familiars play."


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