Underground Overlays from the Cistern Chapel

Stuart Dempster

New release featuring Dempster on conch shell, trombone and didjeridu. With assistance from Debra Sykes (Tibetan cymbals), Moc Escobedo and Chad Kirby on conches, and nine other trombones, the disc exploits the tonal possibilities of a performance in an underground cistern. This predominantly solo album presents sources for the Merce Cunningham Dance Company commission. This CD has received critical acclaim with extensive articles in Option, In Tune, Billboard and Pulse! "Technically, Dempster is known as a virtuoso trombonist with a knack for pushing the instrument into new horizons. But beyond that, it's time to unmask him for what he's evolved into: a creative composer of major dimensions." Hewell Tircuit, In Tune


Price: $16.00