Voice Coil

Carrier Band

Pauline Oliveros, accordion with Expanded Instrument System
Peer Bode, live text with Bode Vocoder
Andrew Deutsch, live mixing, archival recordings, samples, loops and electronics

Voice Coil was performed by the Carrier Band in the fall of 2003 at the Deep Listening Space in Kingston, New York. Pauline Oliveros performed on accordion and computer based Expanded Instrument System, Peer Bode performed live text with his Bode Vocoder, and Andrew Deutsch performed live mixing, archival recordings from the Bode archive, samples, loops and electronics. Voice Coil is an example of an improvisation emphasizing the integration of analog systems and new digital tools between performers both living and deceased. In 2007 Andrew Deutsch added about 35 minutes of short overdubs to the recordings and has brought the recording closer to what the audience heard at the Deep Listening Space. Furthermore, the overdubs provide added depth to the work for repeated listening.

Frozen Speaker is an electronic composition by Andrew Deutsch and features sections from Oliveros¹s Music for Expo 70. Video Voice uses sounds from
Pauline Oliveros¹s electronic works V of IV and Mewsak, as well as elements of Stephen Vitiello¹s Light Meter recordings.

The Carrier Band was formed in 1998 when Pauline Oliveros, Peer Bode, and Andrew Deutsch performed 3 improvisations at Alfred University that were later released as the Carrier CD on the Deep Listening label.

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