West Mantra

Salvatore Linguido

Salvatore Linguido is from Genoa. The music in this CD is for programmed piano. A West Mantra, synthesis and technological echo of eternal music. A work of research that we like to call "iper-serialist", where the approach is not the "construction inside a scheme ", but the more subversive one of the re-construction of many schemes, born from the minimal changes of a structure. A music where there is an enormous, sometimes obsessive, attention to the single sound and the juxtaposition of sounds. The schematic and "cold" element make this music a kind of book of exercises, spiritual and "audible". It’s a new, religious, ecology of the ear, where the sound generate itself continuously avoiding the common places of the "music for piano", and trusting great attention from the the listener. West Mantra reflects itself in the rigour of the unpolluted.


Price: $15.00