The Clematis are happy!

This particular one in about its 3rd year of growth- has produced one flower that lasts through Thanksgiving- (!)

BocaMadura Lives

Returning home from The Stone Performance with Pauline. Suzie Ibarra and PO a beautiful set that carried me off to other dimensions. wild and fun and sometimes very "suave"- as Suzie made soft swooshing sounds over the drums. Still floating in the parameters of the spoken word and sonics which accessed the Coast of Dreams- Gala and Dali ( though I doubt anyone got that) and the essence of the Nubian Sea- among other places and things. Oh yes, we ended on kisses and "be-ing" in BocaMadura- my wonderful old friend Angel's imaginary country.

Woman of Truth -Sacred Chalice

An image of the Sacred Chalice during the Woman of Truth- Retreat in Maine..Sacred oil, sacred intentions-

Return from Maine

15 women gathered for the Woman of Truth = Maåt Retreat at Andrea Goodman's Ruby Throated Spirit retreat.

Jan brought gifted us with her special super Chickens and their fresh eggs. One special egg was a light gem tone of sea green / blue.

Lena Horne

With sadness and pride and many feelings- News of the passing of Lena Horne at 92 years of age: Ikon for the arts, the world, for women and people's of color, great beauty, colleague and fellow traveler of my show biz family.

Here is her biography from a trustable link:

and a few of her singing her songs from Youtube videos --

Women's Voices Poster!

Women's Voices; Women's Lives

I'll be reading again with the other three memoirists. This program, a dramatic combining of our texts, is always an opportunity for me to find new nuances in my own work, as well as that of others.


IN my dream I am visiting the Coast of Dreams that I have often visited before, but only in dreams- though it is familiar enough- from many Mediterranean Coasts I have visited- This time, I'm back again, with a friend- and I show him the coves.
There are many beautiful coves like this, stretching up and down the coast. " I say,
and there is the childrens' cove... We look at the beautiful vista and see the children playing .

One Tulip Blooming and a dragon / photos from Berlin

There's one brave tulip just outside the back door- and the spring air seems to have tears just behind it, the sacred tears of the goddess .

The volcano's pattern of ash formed a swirling dragon over Europe!

Getting ready to perform Oracle Bones in the original Trio format with Pauline = Accordion, and Miya Masaoka Koto tomorrow night at Ulster County Community College.

Feeling the resonance and glow of the performance with the Benton's fabulous lighting and Heloise dancing at the Marcy 27th Tribute... A photo soon!

A few things about me for starters:

I am an author, playwright and poet with a background as a visual artist. As an educator and counselor I specialize in dreams and the creative process, conducting seminars and retreats throughout the world.